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Managed IT Services

South Africa

Avatech transforms your business with comprehensive managed IT services.  Voip telecoms, network management, cloud solutions, data management, business security systems, business software, cybersecurity and IT support.

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What We Do

We provide you with creative technological solutions that will future proof your business and give you the infrastructure that is reliable and scalable.

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive solution for businesses to outsource the management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. It includes a range of services such as network management, data backup and recovery, software updates and upgrades, and security monitoring.

The primary objective of Managed IT Services is to improve the efficiency, reliability, and security of a company’s IT systems, while also reducing the cost and burden of maintaining them in-house.

We enable efficiency and productivity through the implementation of optimised technology infrastructure that saves you costs through the use of advanced automation and streamlined processes.

Improving data security and protection against cyber threats, Avatech’s assets known as the superheroes have specialised expertise and skills in various areas of technology. With our focus on the future for our clients businesses, we ensure that we implement improved scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.


Transform your business with our comprehensive IT services


Avatech’s services are carefully constructed and tailored for all your business requirements.

Cloud Services


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connectivity refers to the technology and infrastructure that enables the transmission of voice communications over the internet.

It allows users to make phone calls using their internet connection instead of traditional telephone lines.

Internet Solutions

Business internet connectivity various methods and technologies that businesses use to connect to the internet.

This can include wired and wireless connections, such as fiber optic and satellite, as well as cellular and other wireless options. See what great options we have available.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Avatech offers proactive monitoring and maintenance to keep systems running smoothly, and offer support and expertise.

This helps businesses stay ahead of emerging technologies and cybersecurity threats that pose risks to any businesses now and for the future.


CCTV & Security

CCTV includes a wide range of products and services, such as security cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection, fire suppression, and emergency response systems.

Energy Solutions

Implementation of solar energy systems for commercial and industrial use. It includes the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panels and other equipment to generate electricity.

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